Kitchen Remodel $1.00

I thought I would change it up a bit this week and post a project which I have come to love more and more every time I look at it! Maybe it was because I only spent $1.00 on it… what’s not to love about that? This makeover option is especially great if you live in a rental because it is not a permanent change.

All I did was cut rectangles (bricks) from contact paper! Dollar store contact paper (DollarTree, Con-Tact-Quick-Cover). There is a grid on the back of the paper so it makes any shape possible to cut and duplicate easily. Mind you, it did take 1 1/2 rolls of contact paper for me to do my upper cabinets and that’s all I really intended to cover, so I spent $2.00 total. It just depends on how much you are wanting to cover.

If you haven’t used contact paper before, it’s actually meant to line cabinet/cuboard shelves and it peels off easily. No stickiness is left behind. Side note, I actually use this paper to cover the top of the fridge as well and then peel it off when we move, isn’t it strange how it gets that sticky/dusty film up there?

Play around with it! I’m partial to brick, so I cut and peeled brick after brick.

There are several patterns of contact paper at DollarTree, but the one I used was Tan-Marble, as pictured below.×54-/500c541c541p312313/