L’Oreal Double Extend Beauty Tubes Mascara Review

A little background information about me and my relationship with mascara. I had never bought the same mascara for the first 18 years of my life! I was always changing it up, always trying different brands, etc.  Here’s what I look for in mascara:
1. Waterproof. You never know when something is going to make you cry! Or when you want to jump in a pool, haha.
2. Oil-proof. Yes that’s right, my face is oily, especially around my eyes, making any kind of paint based mascara smudge and bleed almost immediately aka raccoon eyes.
3. Holds curl. Paint based mascara’s (which are 99% of all mascaras in case you are wondering) only seem to hold the curl through half of the day for me, and then my oily skin kicks in and those lashes just seem to wilt!
4. Length/Volume. Base coats are always reassuring for both length and volume.

I’m happy to say I have found the the five star mascara that fulfills all these expectations and YES I have now bought and re bought this mascara for about five years now. Because it is “beauty tubes” or what I like to call “plastic”, it is so unlike any other mascara and outlasts that of any paint based mascara!

Loreal Double Extend Beauty Tubes Technology
Let’s talk a little bit about the tube and the technology behind it. As shown in this picture below, it is not a paint based mascara, it’s a plastic, but goes on like a paint. Confused yet? See how it wraps around the lash like a little glove? Once removed you are basically taking off the glove, which at first seems a little creepy looking because you think you just took your eyelash off but NOPE you just took off the little plastic casing!
Step 1– Apply White base coat to upper lashes on one eye. I like to go in upward strokes, wiggling the brush left and right. My personal preference is to not add it to the bottom lashes, but that’s totally up to you.
Step 2– Apply Black Coat to that same upper lash (I don’t like to leave much drying time of the white coat or else the black goes on a little harder, hence why I do one eye at a time). At this point I apply just the black to the bottom lashes for a more natural look.
Step 1 – Wet the eyes with warm water, seriously a good 10 seconds of splashing the face with warm water will loosen up the plastic. (The warmer the water the easier the removal) Look at the first picture, see how the casings just come off instead of a big black eye of paint?!
Step 2 – With thumb and pointer finger, barely touching the lashes, gently pull off the plastic
Step 3 – Now’s the fun part where you look at what you just pulled off!
Step 4 – TADA! no messy eye’s for me!


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