Arm & Hammer Diaper Pail by Munchkin Review

It is a debate whether or not one needs a diaper pail, but if you are an appartment dweller, a pail can sure come in handy. Plus I also found a diaper pail liner hack if you don’t want to spend money on the specialized name brand liners! (That info is at the end of the post)

Arm & Hammer Diaper Pail by Munchkin
My goal is to do all the research for you. And believe me I did on this one. I am a visual learner by far and it was just my cup of tea that I came across this YouTube video where some Dads test out diaper pails! Reading Amazon reviews I had narrowed it down to three and it just so happened that those were the three pails they reviewed!
A preface to this video is that the Munchkin diaper pail is the winner hands down! It passed their “walk in the room and sniff” test and “lift the lid and sniff test.” I feel I owe these dads a standing ovation for sacrificing their noses so that we may know the truth… Plus I actually found the video quite funny and entertaining so please watch this video/link below!

Diaper Pail Sniff Test –
I am very pleased with this diaper pail as well! I ask my husband almost every day when he comes home if the house smells like diapers and it doesn’t! Like they say, the Munchkin has a tight sphincter so the actual sack doesn’t open up that much when you push the diaper down, plus the release of baking powder neutralized some of the smell too.
Here’s the Hack!

This is a cool pin I came across, it didn’t link to anywhere or else I would have given them credit for their genius! Tall kitchen garbage sacks (with those colored plastic handles) work just as well. The scented ones are my favorite but not necessary.
 Follow the step by step image below and save yourself some money on those liners! I will admit that the kitchen sacks hold more diapers because the sack is wider than the munchkin brand ones… But there is something cool the way the munchkin brand bags can snap shut at the top once it’s been removed!

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