Diaper Dude Review

I don’t know if it’s a disease I have or what but I have this condition where I have to do a ton of research before I actually buy something. The diaper bag search is crazy because there are so many to choose from. Diaper bag searching and some other baby products I honest to goodness researched for 8 months and finally purchased them in the 9th month! What can I say, I want the most bang for my buck!
One of the diaper bag things I searched for is whether it can last through multiple kids. I don’t want to buy a diaper bag or any product for that matter and only have it last for one kid. Another thing I looked for is “would my husband (the Dad) be comfortable using this?” Dads are becoming more involved which is super nice and I was determined to find a bag that my husband would actually wear and also gender neutral so we can use it for multiple kids! And so this search led me to the “Diaper Dude” diaper bag.
 It’s a messenger bag that’s super durable yet extremely light! Even though it’s targeted towards Dads it does come in a bunch of colors so if you did want a boyish or a girlish one, they have it (not to mention some sports teams bags!) Their theory is that while wearing the bag every thing is accessible with one hand. It’s true guys, it’s true. The nicest thing is that when I have a baby in an arm I can simply unclick the strap off instead of  trying to get it over both of our heads. It also comes with a foldable diaper pad and a side pouch for a bottle (again, easily accessible). On the back of the bag are big deep, open pockets where I can throw keys, wallet, iPad and my phone quickly and simply. It has a few sets of small carabiners that you can wrap around the handles of your stroller too.
There are some new updated bags so check those out too, watch their website videos too, those always help.

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