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DIY Chair Cover

I really didn’t think I’d “need” a rocker/glider for my nursery but then I came across a free one and thought “Free? I can afford free!” Let me tell you, it has been so nice to have one, especially for midnight feedings.
I found the tutorial for this on Pinterest and since bloggers gotta help each other out, I will put the link to this fabulous gal’s site below. Her instructions are perfect, so there’s no need for me to repeat them! But I will throw my 2 cents in and mention that these chair pads were dusty! After debating how to clean them and calling carpet cleaner after carpet cleaner (which charged an arm and a leg to clean them) I took them down to a local car detail shop and they shampooed them for $10!
So if you do come across a used chair I’d recommend cleaning the pads even if you are going to cover it because you know, we want a sterile baby room! Or maybe I’m just crazy that way?
Here’s the link and have a great time sewing!
Below are the pictures of my before and after, I used flannel because it was on sale!

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