Has anyone else noticed that sometimes DIY is not the cheapest option out there? Have you ever found yourself buying all the materials for one project and then later realizing that you actually just spent more money (not to mention time) trying to DIY rather than just buying!?

So in regards to baby things, here is a list (and their accompanying how-to site if there is one) on what was better for me personally to DIY and what was better for me to BUY.

*Note – All the items under BUY can still be DIY! Depending on your talent and materials available in the area it may work out better to DIY, let me know!*

DIY Wubbanub – This can really help your baby have an easier time finding his/her own binky! Choose your own binky and stuffed animal, put a glob of hot glue on the back of a binky and stick it onto the face of any stuffy!
DIY Double Swaddle aka Secret Swaddle – The outside blanket can be any swaddle blanket or wrap (we use our muslin ones). The inner blanket is any double/triple folded receiving blanket. Weave the folded receiving blanket around arms and behind the back, then swaddle baby. More info

DIY Baby head wraps – Use your old stretchy shirts or thrifted shirts or even 1/6 yard of jersey material. When you’re making something this small you don’t have to pay a fortune on yardage. Pinterest “baby head wraps” because I have too many links to list!

DIY Felt – There is so much you can do with felt, it’s a personal favorite of mine and a go to for customized baby shower gifts! You’re really only spending pennies to purchase felt.  Hot glue it on headbands and beanies or stitch it to a onesie!

DIY Free White Noise App “Relax Melodies” – I love this app so much! There is an actual oscillating fan, vacuum, humming, white noise, wind, birds, and music box sounds (and so much more!) The best thing about this app is that you can turn off your screen and it will keep playing (uses only about 30% battery life in 12 hours of playing!) Take it anywhere with you!

DIY Refurbished Chair – find a cheap chair and dress it up!

DIY Baby Closet (especially for those tight on space) – We ended up screwing a wooden dowel so it would hold more weight, but feel free to use a tension rod.

DIY Dollar Store Storage bins (put them in closet or under changing table) – Have you been down the dollar store bin aisle lately? Bins like these you could easily cover with contact paper or fabric or even spray paint to match your nursery.

DIY Baby Announcement (Walmart photo print) – I took a screen shot of a fancy card I made on an online announcement site and had it print out as a regular 4×6 print at Walmart (I love their matte finish photos). 

DIY Freezer Burritos – It’s one thing to feed your baby but another thing to feed yourself and your husband (and other kiddos). I like to add brown rice to mine, feel free to add meat as well! Perfect for a grab and go lunch for your husband and a quick lunch for yourself!

BUY Muslin Swaddle blankets – Might as well buy it, since muslin fabric is hard to find. It’s super versitile, drape over car seat, burp rag if needs be or a nursing cover (nice because the fabric is breathable). They wash up beautifully.

BUY Moby Wrap – Jersey fabric can be super expensive to DIY. The last DIY wrap I searched called for 5 yards and the cheapest Jersey material I could find was $17.00 a yard!

BUY Disposable Diapers and wipes – I admire those who do washable! Did you know buying in store (not online) Walmart brand diapers (ParentsChoice)  are generally 50% cheaper than brand diapers? *Some parents have to try multiple brands if their baby’s skin is sensitive… What works for me may not always work for others and that’s ok!*

BUY Tissues – We use these way more than burp clothes because we strategically place multiple boxes around the house.

BUY Desitin – This works wonders for our  baby (again, your baby’s skin could be different, some may need to DIY an organic paste) but we’ve  never had a full out Diaper rash and I think it’s due to the fact that we use this as a preventative measure if we notice a little redness coming.

BUY Disposable Nursing Pads – Eventually you might get to the point were you find time to wash your DIY pads or DIY diapers etc… But for me the first few weeks was all about disposables.

BUY paper plates/ plastic cups/utesils – There was no way I was going to DIY those dishes the first week! This may have been one of the best gifts I received prior to having my baby!

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