Tiffany Blue Wedding Punch

I put this picture from my wedding up on Pinterest and wouldn’t you know it? A month later I had over 1000 pins! So I figured I’d let everyone in on this delightful concoction, it is Country Time Lemonade and Blue Koolaid. That’s it!

-The base will be the Country Time Lemonade prepared with their directions.

-Next you will make the blue Koolaid as their packet directs and add it in increments to the lemonade to get the desired blue.

-For a lighter color, poor less Koolaid into the lemonade and for a darker color add more! It is completely personal preference and customizable.

*Note- this is for a large crowd, if you desire this drink for a smaller crowd just add pinches of the Blue Koolaid powder to the prepared Country Time Lemonade*Enjoy!Might I add to use clear cups so the color of the drink can get admired more!

2 thoughts on “Tiffany Blue Wedding Punch

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