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Stretch Mark Prevention and Remedy

The Esthetician in me finally speaks out! Stretch marks. You either get them or you don’t. Rumor is that genetics play a big role in it, but I beg to differ… Let me tell you something, I have them but my Mom ain’t got squat (sorry for the shout out Mom!) I will just tell you now that there is no super cure to stretch marks either (ok yes, there is a series of laser procedures which will remove them but that is out of the question, good grief I’m a college student!)
The fact of the matter is this: the prevention I will mention will “lessen” stretch marks and the remedy I mention is to “fade” them… I have never fully gotten rid of them (and yes I’ve been dealing with stretch marks since my teen years, waaaay before the added pregnancy stretch marks). Battle wounds right?! Hold my head high right?! Maybe you too are also one of those women who sinks into despair whenever a fellow pregnant lady or fellow Mom says “I haven’t got any stretch marks.” … They have no idea…
ANYWAYS, enough chat, here’s the deal,
1. Water – Skin needs moisture, the more the better. Water is an easy YES when it comes to skin care in general. The more water content skin has, the easier the skin can stretch without strain (aka stretch marks).
2. CeraVe Intensive Stretch Mark Cream – This is my holy grail. After trying expensive collagen and elastin lotions, greasy bio oil and chocolatey cocoa butter, I wanted something that absorbed fast and had no stickiness to it… Or chocolate dessert smell to it… This was it, it has hyaluronic acid in it which binds moisture to the skin for long periods of time and absorbs into the skin extremely fast! The price is better then the other products too. There is a light smell to it, but untraceable to those standing close by. This cream needs to be applied at LEAST 2 times a day, I repeat – the more moisturized your skin is the more easily it can stretch without being strained/stretched! Apply morning and night (or more) and especially right after bath/showers when your pores have been opened up and will absorb better! My skin felt so soft with this too, bonus! It has faded my stretch marks better than any product I’ve tried, the key though is consistency, do not skip an application, start applying in the second trimester or even the first! I’m still using it and probably will for a long time!
Find it at Walmart, Walgreens, etc.
3. PreNatals – It’s true, vitamins are wonderful for the skin. No need to go crazy and take extra supplements on the side this time though. Prenatals are double, even triple the amount of the normal dosage, so needless to say your skin will be getting extra benefits too.
4. Bathe – Bathing is completely different then a shower and more necessary in this case. Sit and soak in the tub, let your skin actually get a chance to literally soak up some water! Shoot for 3-7 times a week. This will ensure a deep penetration of the cream you will be applying afterwards as well. But let’s not forget what we put in the bath water…
5. St. Ives Oatmeal and Shea Butter Body Wash – Pour some of the wash into the running bath water and enjoy a bubble bath! In esthetic school colloidal oatmeal masks were applied to patients with the driest of skin, thus suggesting it’s highly moisturizing properties. Oatmeal also has a calming and soothing effect on irrated and/or sensitive skin as well. Feel free to even sprinkle some actual oats in the water too!

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