Shoe Organization

A simple post today. Something I get a lot of comments on is my shoe rack! It’s called a Revolving Shoe Tree. I highly recommend this especially to those newly weds who just found out that your spouse has a ton of shoes and you’re like, thosshoes ain’t going in my closet! 81x5+CKpuuL._SL1500_ 618agsLlaVL._SL1500_ My motto to organization is to use vertical space as much as possible, especially when apartment living. That’s why this shoe organizer is perfect, the only floor space this will take up is about 12 inches by 12 inches. I was not contacted to review this by any means, I just really like it and have actually had some friends go out and buy one. One of which bought it for his wife, (and probably himself) smart man, they must have been having a shoe dilemma like my husband and I once had…

My husband mentioned to me that I should probably get rid of some of my shoes, and I thought umm no thanks, I just need to find a better way to store them is all. Problem solved! Shoes saved! A friend also commented that this way you can see all your shoes, so you would be more likely to use them all instead of digging through a box. I’d have to agree!

The best part is, it fits all of our shoes and then the extra spaces we hang our belts on. There is six tiers for shoes (each tier holds 6 pairs of shoes, that 36 pairs of shoes total!) There is also a basket tier, I actually throw my flip flops in there, but you can put wallets, sunglasses, socks, etc. It’s a tension rod and is best for ceilings around 9 feet, but the height is adjustable. Plus, it rotates.

I’ve only been able to find this on amazon… but it’s on prime so that’s nice! (More to prime! My brother in law made that commercial, see it here… it’s my favorite commercial ever…. )

Find it here: Household Essentials Floor to Ceiling 6-Tier Revolving Shoe Tree, With Basket asdf sdfa



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