Lava Hot Springs, Idaho



Em’s Swimsuit: Target 

You know that one time where you and your husband go on a little retreat for your anniversary without the baby and then you look around at all the other babies and then miss your baby?! Well that happened a month or so ago and we knew we’d have to bring our baby back to enjoy the hot pools at lava hot springs. This weekend was just that!

Beautiful greenery all around, lava rock and natural mineral pools (no sulfur smell!) these springs are seriously a hidden gem of Idaho. A few of the pools even have loose gravel on the bottom which gives you an amazing foot massage!

Emilie did great as well, she liked the warm water, like a big bath tub! Only one of the several pools is actually cool enough for her, which is fine because that’s the one I’m in the most. She napped in the car to and from and made it home in time for 7:00 bedtime.

Soaking in hot pools is nice and all but it never fails to zap my energy every time! Makes me so sleepy… Worth it though!

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