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The Esthetician With Acne

When I say I’m an Esthetician, it never fails that people automatically look at my skin next. If I’m an esthetician you would naturally think that I have great skin right? Wrong. But I take comfort in realizing that I’d personally rather go to an Esthetician who has acne rather than one who has never had it because at least she’d understand me and have empathy!

I still have my good days and bad days, more recently bad days because I have not been following my own advice (see list below), don’t judge, it’s been a crazy few weeks. Plus I get lazy sometimes because I have some great foundation that covers it well, that will be in another post though! I guess one of the reasons I’m writing this particular post is to help me get back on my skin care band wagon!

I have struggled with cystic acne ever since I was pre-teen. I even went on Accutane twice in high school and for those of you who know this drug, it’s guaranteed that you only have to go on it once and then bam, acne is gone. Well mine came back again after the first time and then again after the second time. Some days it was too hard to go to school. Majority of my sick days were because I couldn’t get up and face another day in public with my acne. You haven’t had acne until you’ve experienced cystic acne. It hurts, literally and emotionally. It’s not something you can forget about during the day because you constantly feel it and are aware of it, it throbs and it itches… If you are wondering where my pictures of proof are, they don’t exist.

By this time I was graduating high school I had enrolled in Esthetic College (Cameo College for Essential Beauty in Murray, Utah) for the next year so that I could help myself and more importantly help others in the same situation as me.


Not me, but very similar

Yes Microdermabrasion and chemical peels were amazing and yes, facials and masks were great but it still came back… It was not until talking to one of my friends at Esthetic College that I had the light bulb go on. This friend had had horrible acne too, or so she said, but I saw no trace of it. She then showed me a “before” picture and wouldn’t you know it, it looked like me, the same painful acne particularly on/under the jaw. That was because her acne was caused by a hormonal imbalance problem (which manifests itself by jawline cystic acne). She said she went on a certain oral birth control pill and after 3 months or so, it cleared it up! I swear choirs began singing the chorus line of “hallelujah” in my head. I think I had found my cure! I immediately called an endocrinologist and got started on my hormonal tests…

Long story short, I was imbalanced and I went on the same birth control pill that my friend had. If you are curious as to which brand, personally email me, as I am not in any way promoting this brand, I am just saying that it helped me balance my hormones and thus helped clear up my cystic acne!

BUT, even on the pill, flare ups/ breakouts (call them what you will) can still occur and that is where my top 5 list comes into action.

People always ask me how they can rid/prevent acne and I ask them these questions: 

     images 1- Are you exercising?

You NEED to exercise to the point of sweating, this will clear the pores, and relieve stress. Too much stress triggers adrenaline which in turn triggers excess skin oil (sebum) production.


2- Are you drinking enough water and eating healthy?

I am talking about a gallon of water a day people. Your toxins HAVE to have water to push them out through sweating or further down south. Eating junk food is simply putting those bad toxins inside your body in the first place.


3- Are you exfoliating?

Did you know that as we age, skin cells lose their ability to slough off as fast, creating dead skin cells and oil build up? Add sugar or baking soda to your face scrub and body wash (3 or more times a week) to help those cells slough off and stimulate new cells to produce!


4- Are you getting enough sleep?

I have calculated this numerous times and if I have not slept well for two nights it never fails that day three I have a huge breakout. Just like sleep is good for the body to rest and regenerate, sleep is also good for the skin to rest and regenerate. Seriously, our skin works overtime keeping us all together all the time!


5- Are you getting Vitamin D?

A LITTLE BIT of sunshine or in a supplement, NOT laying out for hours in the sun, heavens NO!  Sunlight is also a natural antibacterial to acne. Just a few minutes of sun can boost natural endorphins (and relieves stress), like a short walk in the morning when the sunlight is not as harsh.  If you are worried about sunshine, take vitamin D in a supplement instead.


If all else fails:


Is it hormonal?

Maybe it’s worth a shot to see an endocrinologist!

I am the first to admit that I have not been keeping up on these 5 things and my skin lately is showing it! Tomorrow is a new day though and I will recommit to these 5 things! Hope this helps you as well!

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  2. I was going to message you today to ask your advice on getting healthy, pretty skin, but then I figured you probably had written about it…Lo and behold, you answered all my questions! Thanks, Brit!!!

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