DIY Chalkboard

A quick and easy DIY post this week! This came about because for two years I’ve been wanting something on my door that would work year round. Someday I hope to be that woman who has different decorations for every season and holiday, but right now, I have no space to store it!

Turns out it was one of those glorious days that I actually had most of the materials on hand. Except the command strips, I had to go out and get those, but there are now plenty of strips left over in the pack for future projects!

Here’s the material list!

– Tin plate (from DollarTree, also available in an oval tin)

– Chalkboard paint

– Foam brush

– Chalk (I actually used a white crayon instead!)

– Velcro command strip (only requires one strip to hang)

This is simple dimple guys, using the foam brush, paint the plate with the chalkboard paint. Let it dry for at least one day. Search pinterest for “number fonts” (see example below) and pick out your favorite font. Draw on chalkboard. I freehanded it, but you can print out a stencil to use instead. Hang the chalkboard with one velcro command strip. Your done!

Screen Shot 2015-07-17 at 5.28.09 PM

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