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10 Confessions of a Petite Mom

10 Confessions of a Petite Mom

Originally featured on Philly Baby Bump


I’m 5’1’’ and I’m still learning the in’s and outs that come with this stature. The key word is learning. I thought I had mastered every issue, like keeping salad tongs in the cupboard so I could reach the cereal boxes… but then I had a baby.

I don’t know if people realize that there “can be” some real struggles for us petites, and by struggles I mean frustrations. Then again, I could possibly be the only one having these struggles/frustrations!

So to my fellow petites and friends of petites, can you relate or is it just me?

1. Maternity shirts are dresses and maternity pants all need to be hemmed. Have you ever noticed that maternity and mom products seem to be catered to tall woman? But ladies, before you go thinking that there is no hope but to accept and endure long maternity shirts, and super long maternity pants (like I did), petite maternity clothes do exist! Never once throughout my maternity did I think of adding the word “petite” to my maternity clothes search (I think I was in denial that I was in fact, petite).

Here are a few retail stores that offer petite maternity clothes:

The Loft

Old Navy

A Pea in the Pod

Motherhood Maternity

(Likewise, if you are tall and have some maternity frustrations check out this site!)

Tall Swag Maternity

2. When holding the car seat with a straight arm, it touches the floor. So up goes the car seat onto my hip. Have you ever heard of the shoes called Heelys? Why can’t car seats have some little retractable wheels as well?

3. Another one about the car seat! Some mom’s can simply “reach” into their vehicle and unclick the car seat and pull it out, all while having two feet firmly planted outside the vehicle. Me, I have to step all the way in, and step out every time.

4. The frequent comment, “You’re too small to have a baby!” This one always got me nervous like, “Wait, AM I really too small to have a baby!?” Well I had one so no worries.

5. Nursing chairs are usually HUGE and my feet can’t touch the floor, so I find myself nodding my head back and forth to get the chair rocking. It’s seriously the best when I come across a nursing room out in public but I just wish those chairs were smaller!

6. While we’re on the topic of feet not being able to reach… I’m in the doctor’s office, sitting on the table for one of my pregnancy checkups and my doc pulls out the footrest for my dangling feet, only to find that my feet still do not reach. True story, this one was all too much for my pregnancy hormones at the time and I started crying in front of my doctor… But I was able to play it off to the fact that the ultrasound didn’t reveal the baby’s gender!

7. I got so excited to have a nursing pillow, only to find out that propping my baby up on this pillow placed her mouth several inches above my nipple… short torso/petite problems…

8. Those V-Neck nursing shirts. Yes I know they are made to have easy access for nursing, but if you were to see where the bottom of the v hits on this torso of mine… Breasts are just accessible with these shirts it’s less than easy. Now I have learned that they do have petite nursing tops (see links above), hallelujah.

9. Lowering my baby down into her playpen or crib while balancing on my tiptoes… I’m tempted to get myself a crib side booster step!

10. Having to tilt my head to the side while my baby is in her front carrier because her head hits my chin (see picture below). We’ve reached back carrying status now thank goodness. But by golly, this baby is already half my height!



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