Seattle Vacation

We finally made it out to Seattle! Vacations are so different with kids, good, but different for sure. My sister, brother in law and their two boys moved out there about a year ago, and I’ve been itching to go there ever since.

First stop is Pike’s Place, with huge donuts, sailors, billions of fresh floral (I was in heaven, you’ll notice in the pictures that it’s only 5 bucks for a big bushel!) and of course the ever so famous gum wall, you have to admit there is a strange beauty about it. I also got my first ever basket of fish and chips, mmm I had to restrain myself and not buy it every day!

A nice evening at the pool, I swear Emilie was going to fall asleep she got so relaxed! I’m sporting my Rashgaurd surf shirt, you never know when I’ll get to surf! But really, such a comfy and modest alternative for swimwear. We took advantage of my sis being able to babysit and went for a walk on the beach with my guy and watched the sunset. First time at the water’s edge since I was a kid, granted I don’t even remember going to the beach when I was little it but I have a picture of me at the beach so I guess it’s true.

Of course I had to hit the mall, and spent 2 hours in H&M… only to come out with baby clothes and nothing for myself, although I did seriously comb through it all! I only get to those stores like once a year. They seriously have the cutest little clothes there! My other go to place is Sephora, I was in desperate need of a change of skin care routine (as an esthetician you get these cravings). Did you know they’ll give you samples of product (pumped from the actual shelf bottles) to take home and try out before you buy? Thank you Sephora, thank you. Moving on…

YES that is Chocolate Popcorn you see! Us couples pitched in for an actual babysitter and went to Seattle’s Cinerama to watch Mission Impossible 4 (excellent movie by the way). We said we wouldn’t buy the popcorn, but two minutes of standing in the intense aroma we gave in and holy deliciousness. Did I mention we went to the 10:15 showing? Which was really 11:15 for us mountain standards. Ya that’s right, staying up with the cool kids.

Speaking of the hour change, Emilie woke up at 5:30 everyday… We put a bag of cheerios out to try to catch a little more shut eye! Adults seem to adjust quickly to time changes, but babies on the other hand do not…

Emilie sure does like her little cousins though, and my sister is an awesome kid entertainer as you can gather by the water bins and little sea creatures. Not to mention the thick and dense blackberry bushes that surround her house! A kid could spend hours out there picking! By kids, I mean my husband, he LOVES picking berries. There were multiple occasions where he’d disappear and it was not very hard to find him.

All in all, I definitely want to go back soon! So grateful for my sis and her husband letting us stay with them.


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