Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Howdy stranger, yonder is Jackson Hole, the last of the Old West (see sign below)

Since Ed is doing fast track at college this means he goes to school year round and only gets the month of August off. Well, off of school that is, he still works, but we’ll take what we can get!

Friday came and we decided to hit the road! We stuck in our Harry Potter audio cd’s (last book and then we get to watch the last movies!) and enjoyed the scenery. Hmm, enjoyed seems to be an understatement, we absolutely LOVED the scenery. Give us trees, mountains, and rivers and we are quite the happy family.

Trips are getting more interesting now because Emilie has seemed to have skipped a year and turned into a crazy toddler, she is so wiggly and loud nowadays I’m wondering why we ever wanted her to crawl and talk so early in the first place!

But we have something now that makes traveling much much easier. A van. Yep, we are officially a “vamily” as our friend would call it. We pull out the back seat, lay some blankets down, and now the whole world has a changing table within our reach (when the car is stopped of course). Emilie loved it, it was like a huge playpen back there seeing as we made a few quick stops so she could get those wiggles out and play with her “oof oof” aka puppy.

On to Jackson Hole. Ed and I being from western Montana were taken by surprise of how beautiful it was there! We are a bit prideful when it comes to our Bitterroot Valley but Jackson Hole, you are right up there buddy. Resort towns have always been fun for me, but this one is my current favorite. The Teton Mountains are breathtaking! And right in town was a chair lift to go up the mountains (next time, need a babysitter).

We scouted out a few campgrounds and bike trails for our next trip, had some spicy Thai food, walked through town and relaxed in the park. I can’t wait to go back and bring some relatives to truly experience all of what Jackson Hole offers!




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