Fall Thrifting

This is just the video I needed to motivate me to go out thrifting! Let me introduce you to my friend Sarah (ok, maybe an acquaintance, but i’ve been in touch with her about a few things, so we are legit social media friends) and her blog ‘Wearing It On My Sleeves.’ I’ve been following her blog for quite some time, it’s my favorite! Learn more about her here…

Ok, so I’m a usual thrifter and people always ask me how I even stand to do it because they can’t handle picking through everything, it’s overwhelming! Well here’s the catch, you don’t really go picking through everything. Go with a plan, know what you need. As in my case I needed cardigans and pants. I also always check out the ties for Ed. So that’s ONLY where I looked this time. This way you are not going through the WHOLE store spending hours. Always check the brands too, you are bound to find your favorites.

I love Sarah’s tips as well, so I suggest if you want more know how, watch!

And then feel free to see what I found at our local D.I. (Deseret Industries) below! I went in and got exactly what I was looking for, cardigans, a few pants and lets not forget, a little something for Ed (skinny tie!)

$4.00 Forever 21

$4.00 No Boundaries

$6.00 Miss E’s

$6.00 Old Navy

$6.00 Ann Taylor

IMG_6828$5.00 Brand unknown…

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