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DIY Floral Crown 

I LOVE how floral crowns are all the rage right now! They are SO adorable! As you can see, my baby model Emilie is sporting a cheery crown of white cherry blossoms! Not so ideal for fall season but it “was” perfect for spring/summer (when it was actually made). I just had this post hidden in my drafts for a long time, oops. This picture below was taken back then, you can tell she looks a bit younger… Also, orange/green outfit was purchased as a set, there is a green bow on her tank to match those pants, I’m not color crazy here! This is the best picture I could get of her then… little wiggle bum.

BUT, I should tell you that I’m working on a festive fall floral crown that I’m sorta geeking out about. Is there such a thing as craft geeks? Craft nerd? What are we supposed to call ourselves?

For now I will give you the run down on how to make yourself a floral crown or one for your little one or heck maybe some for all your bridesmaids! Don’t mind my carpet workspace, someday I’ll have a craft room and table!

DIY Floral Crown



  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissors
  • Headband elastic
  • Felt (match the color of felt to your flowers)
  • Fake/silk flowers of choice

  1. Pull off flowers from stems and trim off stems with scissors. The shorter the stem the flatter the flower will lay.

2. Arrange flowers in desired pattern. Cut felt to match the length and width of the pattern. I tend to like the front thicker, so that’s why I used the felt, but if you only want a single strand of flowers, feel free to glue the flowers onto and around the actual headband.
3. Wrap and measure the elastic around your head or your baby’s head. Cut with scissors. Set aside.

4. Dab hot glue on the back of one flower at a time and place on the felt and hold for a few seconds until cool. Continue this process until all flowers are attached to the felt piece. (You’ll notice from the pictures that I actually added more flowers to make it look thicker).

5. Lay down the floral/felt piece with flowers down. Grab one end of the elastic and glue it to the center of the felt strip. Hold until cool. Grab the other end and glue it in the center as well, so that the ends are touching. Continue gluing the elastic to the felt.

6. Glue flowers to the remaining showing elastic.

I like having this type of elastic because it makes it more stretchy, that way Emilie can grow with it for awhile. And by “awhile” I’m pretty sure she can wear this as an adult too because this one actually stretches to fit me too!

Now get busy, you craft geek/nerd!

(Ahhh I always feel so awkward taking selfies…)

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