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Crib Teething Guard DIY


I am super sad that I didn’t notice it before, but our perfect little white crib has teething marks… as seen on the railing picture below… my brother calls it, “The Beaver Stage.” I recommend doing a teething guard BEFORE teething starts to avoid any gnawings on the crib.

Upon discovering the teething marks I searched out a tutorial, went out and got some fleece at Walmart (only $2.00 a yard, what!?). I got one yard (I had a lot left over) in my favorite gender neutral color tiffany blue of course. Random fact – Emilie’s room colors are pink, yellow, tiffany blue. If I ever have a boy it will be grey and tiffany blue.

This was definitely a Pinterest WIN! Like all my Pinterest attempts I will link the original contributor’s post here: Simply Being Abby has a great tutorial on doing an “Easy DIY Crib Teething Guard.” This was the easiest, cheapest and quickest way I could find to get something on those rails ASAP! I did mine just a little different, so feel free to read both tutorials and go with what works!

FYI: That is a secure canopy and breathable mesh crib liner you see in the crib pictures, don’t freak out on me!


1 – Drape the fleece over either side of one rail of the crib, careful to give enough length to both sides to be able to tie the knots. Horizontally cut to desired length.

2 – Place cut fleece back onto rail and using hair clips, paper clips or clothespins, clip the fleece in-between the rails.

3 -Use Scissors to roughly cut out rectangles where the posts are (I say roughly because once the knots have been tied you won’t be able to see your cutting job) The fleece hanging down in-between posts will be using to tie knots underneath railing later on.

4 -Optional: use this fleece cutout as a pattern for the opposite railing

5 – Hang cut out fleece on railing again and tie double knots in-between the posts!

6 – Take a picture of your cute baby “helping”

IMG_7345 IMG_7357 IMG_7361 IMG_7350 IMG_7366IMG_7355

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