Dating Bucket List

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*Post is written in behalf of my Family100 College class. Quotes and material are found from ‘Successful Marriages and Families – Proclamation Principles and Research Perspectives,’ Chapter 4, Equal Partnership Between Men and Women.

“Recent social science research findings confirm that better physical and emotional health, better marital relationships, and better parenting and outcomes for children are the fruits of equal partnership in marriage.” (pg. 44)

How can we find equal partnership in marriage? Simple. Spend time together. You have a lifetime to get to know your spouse and I believe it will take a lifetime to get to know your spouse as well. I wonder if in the next life when we are finally granted the knowledge of all things, will we then also be granted all knowledge about our spouse and understand them perfectly too? Just a thought.

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Odds are the amount of time you spend together you will realize how much you will want the other at your side, not behind you, not ahead of you, but by your side as an equal, as a “helpmeet” as elaborated by Elder Earl C. Tingy…”You must not misunderstand what the Lord meant when Adam was told he was to have a helpmeet. A helpmeet is a companion suited to or equal to us. We walk side by side with a helpmeet, not one before or behind the other. A helpmeet results in an absolute equal partnership between husband and a wife. Eve was to be equal to Adam as a husband and wife are to be equal to each other.” (pg. 33)

Often times we can find ourselves doing activities that exclude our spouse. I’m not say to give those up or anything, but I am suggesting to find mutual activities/dates that you two can enjoy together. Since Ed and I have been married we have created “Bucket Lists.” As seen in the picture below, this is our “current” list, we’ve had many. (Our movie list is also included, movie nights totally count). You can tell we actually do use this list because of all the wear and tear! We continually add things to the list and then cross them out when completed. But whatever you do, keep the list, so you can look back at all the crossed out things and think, “Wow, we are pretty awesome for doing all those things together!”


Recently I asked my friends and family on Facebook for their date ideas and got a fabulous response! See if your ideas are below! Print out this list or sit down and make a list with you spouse. I promise you won’t regret it!

Date ideas submitted by Friends and Family:

  • Yoga class and jamba juice
  • Hot chocolate and a football game!
  • Make a craft, create a keepsake! Ex: Tie dye shirts, finger painting, etc.
  • Go to the store, pick out ingredients, make a meal together
  • Bake cookies and doorbell ditch them!
  • Draw a picture book
  • Go bowling
  • Go to an old folks home
  • Make tinfoil dinners and cook them over a fire/oven
  • Game night
  • Star gazing
  • Hot springs
  • Go to cafe’s and people watch
  • Leaf kicking walk
  • Bed and breakfast
  • Zip lining
  • Ropes course
  • Zoo
  • Picnic
  • Horseback riding
  • Hiking
  • Ice skating
  • Explore a town by playing “Left, Right or Straight. At every intersection you came to, take turns choosing left, right or straight. You can’t pick the same direction twice in a row. We found some really fun places in our city that way.
  • Tennis
  • Racquetball
  • Mall scavenger hunt
  • Browse Toys R Us
  • Watch the sunset
  • Gym date
  • Play tag (use butterfly nets!)
  • 4 wheeling
  • Build a blanket fort
  • Skiing/ Snowboarding
  • ___________________ (Now it’s your turn to add some!)

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