Family Home Evening

*Post is written in behalf of my Family100 College class. Quotes and material are found from ‘Successful Marriages and Families – Proclamation Principles and Research Perspectives,’ Chapter 11 Parenting in Gospel Context: Practices Do Make a Difference.

“The Latter-day Saint approach to teaching children, particularly through avenues such as family home evening and scripture study, is most essential to promoting understanding and internalization of important values that will guide behavior. Similarly, prayer encourages children’s sense of accountability to their Heavenly Father for their lives and actions.” (pg. 126)

Being an authoritative parent means that you don’t drop your kids off at school and church and expect them to teach your kids “everything.” You are first and foremost their teacher. And as such, you can provide plenty of learning opportunities within your own home. Family Home Evening aka FHE is some that modern day prophets have asked parent and children to participate in, once a week. It should be a time where the family can grow closer to one another and also gain further spiritual insights from one another. Typical FHE’s include  Opening song, Opening Prayer, Scripture/Thought, Lesson, Activity, Prayer, Treats, etc.

“Elder David A. Bednar (2010) has given numerous insights into the value of gospel teaching, both for promoting positive child outcomes as well as for helping parents sense impending problems. In addition to standard venues such as family home evening, Elder Bednar also encourages the numerous opportunities parents have to informally share gospel insights and testimony with their children (for example, at the dinner table in informal conversation). (pg. 126)

Even though you may hold a once a week FHE be careful not to miss other important times for teaching. As Elder Bednar mentioned, family dinners are great venues for holding discussions. Other opportunities may include, teaching while working/doing chores, starting conversation while traveling, and last but not least, giving spiritual or encouraging notes or letters to your children.

“In short, the family that embraces multiple opportunities to teach will generally find that they need to discipline their children less often as their children internalize principles and gradually evidence greater self-control.” (pg. 126)

If your family is young like mine, odds are your children can’t speak or read yet! That’s why I opt for Family Home Evening Charts with family pictures/drawings/clipart which are easier for the little ones to understand. Charts are especially great because you and your family can track your progress and complete your FHE goals!

Here are some ideas and links below!


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