Scripture Story Telling


*Post is written in behalf of my Family100 College class. Quotes and material are found from ‘Successful Marriages and Families – Proclamation Principles and Research Perspectives,’ Chapter 18 Faith in Family Life.

“The religious practice of family rituals. While prayer is reportedly helpful… It is not the only influential religious practice. Fiese and Tomacho’s (2001) work with a primarily Catholic sample linked shared, meaningful religious holiday rituals with higher levels of marital satisfaction. Lee, Rice and Gillespie (1997) similarly linked home-based family worship with higher marital satisfaction.” (pg. 189)

I have always desired to know the scriptures well enough to be able to recount the stories to my  children at bedtime. I have this image of sitting with them in bed and first reading some verses from the scriptures. Then using puppets or drawings I would reenact the story we are in. This way the parent teaches the child but reviewing the story in your own words is also a good way  to ensure long term memory.

“Such rituals are often intended to prompt a deliberate turning from the mundane or even profane to the sacred (Eliade, 1959), which includes a renewal of the relationships with spouse and children.” (pg. 189)

I remember my sister telling my stories and acting them out with dolls. If your kids are visual learners, then puppets, dolls or drawings will be necessary for them to remember. It worked for this visual learner because twenty some years later I still remember her made up stories! Just think of the memories you could instill in your child by reading the scriptures together and acting them out. Not only will this benefit kids it will benefit you the parent. On my mission I was surprised by how much better I remembered what I read if I told my fellow missionary friend the stories I was reading and the feelings or insights that I had gained.

Here are some visual ways I have found that can help children learn…

(My Fist Book of Mormon Stories is featured in the image above with Emilie!)



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