The Plan of Salvation


*Post is written in behalf of my Family100 College class. Quotes and material are found from ‘Successful Marriages and Families – Proclamation Principles and Research Perspectives,’ Chapter 32 The Eternal Family: A Plain and Precious Part of the Plan of Salvation.

So now let’s talk about The Plan of Salvation and Families! Well, the Plan of Salvation was created for Families! Here’s a look at a more simple visual of The Plan of Salvation. If you know me, I’m a visual learner.


“The divine plan of happiness enables family relationships to be perpetuated beyond the grave. Sacred ordinances and covenants available in holy temples make it possible for individuals to return to the presence of God and for families to be united eternally.” (Gordon B. Hinckley pg. 337)

I absolutely LOVE teaching about The Plan of Salvation. Especially to those who have never heard about it. I am not making this up when I say that more than one person upon hearing the plan for the first time responded, “It makes sense!”

Even Paul speaks about it!

1 Corinthians 15:40-41 “There are also celestial bodies, and bodies terrestrial: but the glory of the celestial is one, and the glory of the terrestrial is another. There is one glory of the sun, and another glory of the moon, and another glory of the stars: for one star differeth from another star in glory.”


No wonder we Mormons emphasize families so much. It is because family will be around for the eternities! It makes you think what is really valuable in life. No, you can’t take your car with you when you die and no, you can’t take your home. What you get to take from this life is your family! It begs it question, which job is really going to be more fulfilling in this life, Being a movie star? Or being a Parent? As the quote follows…

“To do those things which God ordained to be the common lot of all man-kind, is the truest greatness. To be a successful father or a successful mother is greater than to be a successful general or a successful statesman. One is universal and eternal greatness, the other is ephemeral. ” (Joseph F. Smith 1986, pg. 338)



Bingo, being a mother or a father is really what we believe to be the most fulfilling calling in life. If we make it work here, then in heaven it will work perfectly. That’s why we try so hard and why we spend so much time with our families.

“The family is central to the creator’s plan for the eternal destiny of his children… In the premarital realm, spirit sons and daughters knew and worshiped God as their Eternal Father and accepted His plan by which His children could obtain a physical body and gain earthly experience to progress toward perfection and ultimately realize their divine destiny as heirs of eternal life.” (pg. 337)


Side note! Just for giggles!

(Picture below) Isn’t this shirt great?! Do you understand it? It’s the Plan of Salvation! I’d love to wear this around BYU campus’s and see who would understand it.

Let me explain….





O = Pre Mortal

| = Birth and Veil of forgetfulness

O * = Earth (you are here!)

| = Death.

O = Spirit World. Upper circle is Spirit Paradise. Lower Circle is Spirit Prison.

|| = First line represents Resurrection. Second line represents Judgment.

O O o . = Starting from the top, Celestial Kingdom, Terrestrial Kingdom, Telestial Kingdom and then Outer Darkness.



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