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Valentine’s Day Photo Shoot


I really needed to put an updated post of Emilie on here and then I realized I hadn’t shared her cute Valentine pictures! Can I just say I love college towns? Seriously, there are so many entrepreneurs here offering such good deals. Like this Valentine’s deal, $10.00 for 10 minutes, and I came out with 15 photos! I am always an eager beaver when it comes to people needing to practicing. I have had so much fun searching out these deals.

This photo shoot was so fun though. Vanessa had two adorable valentine sets. I got there and pulled off Emilie’s boots and put her black church shoes on, only to find out that she had outgrown them, oops! I still stuffed her chubby feet in them though. Unfortunately Emilie did not give us one of her big cheesy smiles. She was a bit unsure of the whole process, as you can tell. Maybe if her Dad was there she would have, hmm I’ll have to make sure he comes next time. She did however love to rock the bear in the rocking chair.

THE OUTFIT. Oh my goodness, the outfit. I about died when my Mom gave this to us. The brand is Jillian’s Closet. I am so tempted to get an American Doll that looks exactly like Emilie in this outfit!

(I just found out that Vanessa has a cute set for Easter photos now too! Check out her facebook page in the link below)














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