BBG Pre-Training Week 2 and Couch to 5k


Just a quick post to keep me accountable! I know most don’t really care about these kinds of posts… But for those who are curious!

I don’t think I’ve ever worked out for 6 consecutive days, I usually do Mon-Fri (5 days) but this time around I’ve included Saturdays. All I can say is that adding an extra day of working out sure makes me feel a little bit better about my cheat day! I decided to add another program in to help me with my cardio days (Tues, Thurs, Sat). It’s called Couch to 5k (c25k). Basically it’s a voice over of someone telling you when to run and when to walk. Every week it changes. For example Week 1 (last week) I was walking for 3 minutes and jogging for 2 minutes. All I had to do was listen to my music and listen for it’s prompts! They have a free podcast which includes there own music, but if you want to listen to your own music download the free app instead!

Here’s what my week one looked like!

Monday – Legs & Cardio Circuits 30 min

Tuesday – Walk/Jog 30 min

Wednesday – Arms & Abs Circuits 30 min

Thursday – Walk/Jog 30 min

Friday – Full Body Circuits 30 min

Saturday – Walk/Jog 30 min

Overall, it was a great week, but I totally failed in the food department, I need to work on that this week or else I won’t see results!


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