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DIY Gold Glitter Vinyl Vase

Glitter is a mess right? Wrong! Well not vinyl glitter anyways. I’ve been wanting to break out the glue and glitter for a long time but have been terrified of the mess. Such a pleasant surprise to find this vinyl and also find out that it doesn’t shed any glitter. Since it is vinyl it also means that it is a no commitment craft, meaning if I don’t like it I simply peel it off my jars/vases! Absolutely no residue is left.

All you need to do is this…

-Purchase glitter vinyl (JoAnns $8.99)

-With scissors, cut vinyl into strips (there is a grid on the back for easy measuring)

-Peel and stick to any jar or vase

You know it looks good when your husband looks at it for the first time and asks, “Did you paint those?” Nope! Just cut, peel and stick. So simple! I’m thinking of adding some vinyl to some mirrors later… I can’t stop!

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