Family Home Evening For Newlyweds Project

Family Home Evening Project

Religion 200:53 The Eternal Family

*This is a project for my college religion class 2016.


Often times we think that Family Home Evening (FHE) begins when we have little children. But in all reality, it is best to start FHE from the get go. Once a couple has established the habit of FHE, it will seamlessly occur naturally once children are brought into the home. And believe me, there will be so much on your plate once you become a parent, that having a habit of FHE will be such a blessing.

I encourage you and your spouse to find a time in where at least one hour can be spent together  in which you can discuss some fundamental gospel truths as listed in each lesson. These topics are one’s that I have chosen based on The Family: A Proclamation to the World that have helped me early on in my marriage. I know that as you meet together once a week and are spiritually nurtured by one another, your love for the gospel and love for each other will grow. And the spirit will be abundant in your home.

Below is my 6 week lesson plan and link to each corresponding lesson. Also written below are my personal thoughts on why this has helped my marriage in our “newlywed” phase.

Lesson 1 – Why Family Home Evening?

  • Family Home Evening if not started right away is very hard to start when there are little ones running around! Developing an early habit of FHE will ensure that your children will be righteously taught gospel principles within the home.

Lesson 2 – Temple Marriage

  • Having a firm understanding of the covenants you just made in the Temple will be very valuable to your marriage and future family. I encourage you to take on the full responsibility and realize the many blessings and obligations that you now have to each other.

Lesson 3 – Love Languages

  • Being able to speak your spouse’s love language can make a huge difference in your marriage. Whether it is by giving gifts, spending quality time, physical touch, acts of service or words of affirmation, it is best to spend a little time in each area to keep each other’s “love tank” full!

Lesson 4 – Goals

  • Individuals need goals, but a husband and wife need joint goals as well! Being able to get on the same page with your goals as a family is both fulfilling and rewarding. It let’s you grow as a couple and get to know each other even further.

Lesson 5 – Budget

  • Living within a budget gives a family freedom. Freedom from debt. Being able to wisely scrimp and save can bring a couple even closer together. But both have to be willing to participate in budgeting or else it can be extremely stressful to one side of the marriage.

Lesson 6 – Children

  • We had children early in our marriage because we felt that the only way we’d truly get to know each other is when we saw each other as parents. That’s who we wanted to spend our lifetime getting to know, the mother and the father. Of course it’s not easy but we make continual sacrifices in our life and revise our budget to allow for these children and have faith that we are following God’s plan.

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