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Freeman Plastic Surgery, Idaho Falls Review


Watch my experience on video below!


Trying to find out what is best for your skin type on your own can be difficult, but going to get your skin analyzed by professionals at Freeman Plastic Surgery is easy! My visit to their office took the guesswork out of everything and I was left with a range of products and treatments that were perfectly catered to my skin care needs.

I arrived at Freeman Plastic Surgery in Idaho Falls with a foundation-free face, which is in itself a very nerve-wracking experience – knowing that people would see me in all my natural glory. But, as I walked through the doors, the staff immediately welcomed me, which calmed my nerves. Within minutes an esthetician took me back to the consultation room. The facility’s atmosphere had such a nice combination of spa and medical. The lighting and color palette was soft and warm and there was faint spa music playing throughout. I quickly felt relaxed and comfortable.


Here’s what I knew about my skin beforehand: I am very acne prone and oily and I am usually on a hormone-balancing birth control, which takes care of most of that problem. But, being that I am in my second trimester with my second child, I am no longer on the pill. My hormones and skin have been on a raging roller coaster, including breakouts and excess oil production. Knowing this, I was curious to see what more the skin analysis could show me. Let me just say, it shows a whole lot more than what meets the eye!


FullSizeRender (2)

The esthetician, Paige, was extremely easy to talk to – like someone I had known my whole life. We proceeded to take pictures of my face in the imaging system as pictured above. This technology is amazing! It can show texture, pore count, fine lines and wrinkles, UV damage, etc. And, it will even rank your skin with others in your same age group so you can truly see how well your skin is doing. The pore count and bacteria on my skin was unfortunately worse than average. Paige determined that the best thing for my face would be a HydraFacial MD® treatment.


The HydraFacial MD® is a four-step facial that includes exfoliation (dead cell removal), peel application (clears congestion), extraction (blackhead and blemish removal), and fusion (deep hydration). This treatment is way more than your regular facial or even your regular microdermabrasion. Needless to say, I was pretty excited to receive this treatment, or should I say, four treatments in one!

We proceeded to another room where Paige began the treatment. The handheld, pen-like device, felt like a combination of light sandblasting and suction. There was no pain at all but I could definitely feel that it was getting something done and who doesn’t like that feeling? My skin did get pink with blood flow (that’s normal for me with any treatment) but Paige calmed it right down with a series of infrared light therapy.





I had never left any skin treatment with such calm skin and a healthy glow! As you can see in my after picture below (taken immediately after treatment), there were changes in smoothness, fewer blackheads and my skin was definitely more hydrated and felt more healthy. Overall, I would do this treatment again and again. There is no downtime and the results are instant, which is what we all are looking for these days. Looks like I am done guessing at what my skin needs!




Did the treatment hurt? Not painful, but you can feel light suction and sandblasting.

How often can a treatment be done? Your can receive HydraFacial MD® once every four weeks.

Is it safe for pregnant woman? Yes. It uses gentle yet effective products.

Will it make your skin peel? I experienced dryness around my mouth the day after but no flaking.


My Skin Care Product Recommendation (for after pregnancy*):

Freeman Plastic Surgery Retin-A (cell renewal)

Freeman Plastic Surgery Tinted SPF Moisturizer (sun protection)

Freeman Plastic Surgery Needle Free Serum (hydration)

ZO® Vitascrub, (exfoliation)

ZO® Oilacleanse, (removes oil)

ZO® Hydrafirm, (eye cream)

ZO® Melamix, (skin lightener)

ZO® Cebatrol Pads (oil control)

*They also offer products that are safe to use during pregnancy.


Mark E. Freeman, MD

3760 Washington Parkway

Idaho Falls, ID 83404

(208) 881-5351


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