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Camping and Kabobs

Throwback time!

This is a year late in posting, but this little trip is always on my mind to post because it was so laid back and so much fun!

First off, my husband and I are Montana natives so camping/being outdoors is in our blood. And the main reason for getting a van was to be able to pull off wherever we wanted to and camp. Oh yeah and I guess a van is convenient for kids too…

Once my Mom got to our house to babysit our daughter, Ed and I were out the door! We took the seats out of the back of the van and then loaded it with pillows, pads and blankets. Wanting to keep it simple and seeing as it was only overnight, we packed very little clothes and grabbed groceries on the way out.

This is were it get’s exciting. Camping food y’all. It’s the best. Our local super market had pre-made kabob’s in their meat section, complete with veggies, salmon and chicken. Grabbed a few of those, some lemons, corn on the cob, a tub of butter, tin foil, car snacks and drinks. Don’t forget some hot pockets for breakfast, see, easy.

Earlier that summer we had made a trip to Jackson Wyoming and scoped out some good camping places to come back to. I’m not talking about designated campgrounds and hookups, but places where we could actually be all by ourselves in nature! It still makes me smile how we randomly drove down this dirt road and came across a perfect little spot. There was even a preexisting fire pit and a stream close by.

Ed got the fire going while I made an assembly line of foil and placed the kabobs individually in foil, with lemon squeezed over top. Then I placed husked corn drenched with butter in individual foil as well. Rolled each one up tight and placed them in the fire coals. Make sure you buy the expensive durable foil, because you want it to hold up well in the fire. Holy moly was that delicious!

If you think that was the best part, a thunder storm rolled through that night and I was so happy to be inside of that van all nice and dry but still being able to see/hear the thunder, rain and lightning. The next morning brought rainbows and smelled wonderfully of post rain (and tin foil hot pockets!) We were also able to go out hiking and got a picture of our little camp from high up. I think life needs to consist of more of these trips!

Camping doesn’t have to be expensive or complex! I hope you take advantage of these last days of summer, grab some yummy food and get out there!


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