Cozy Bump Pregnancy Pillow / Bed Video Review



Hey all! Just thought I’d share with you in text how the cozy bump and I are doing! It’s been a month after I have made that video above. I still really like the cozy bump, however sometimes the best of products can’t cure pregnancy insomnia….I’m still waking up every 2-3 hours a night unfortunately and I don’t even have to use the bathroom during these wakes, talk about frustrating! BUT I do have to thank Cozy Bump for allowing me moments where I can at least relax, nap and stretch out on my tummy, which is absolutely heavenly since I am a natural stomach sleeper when not pregnant!

I don’t use it ever day like I did in the beginning, and found myself trying to find places to keep it out of the way (away from the toddler), we live in a pretty small townhouse. I am sure it wouldn’t be a problem if we had more space, so don’t let that dissuade you! I pull it out when I need it every now and then. Although now when I use it, it seems like it is a tad deflated after I lay on it for awhile, but not to fear, the company informed me in the beginning that if I had any problems like this that they would help, they have really great customer service! All in all I’m glad I have this, as opposed to not having it. It really helps realign my spine, seeing as pregnancy really hunches my posture. It also gives me “the stomach sleeper,” multiple opportunities to lay on my stomach during these long 9 months! Something I wished for and yearned for in my first pregnancy!

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