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Pregnancy Announcent and Gender Reveal!

I wanted to be able to remember the day we found out the gender of baby #2, so here it goes!

My appointment was on a Monday, but I woke up the Sunday right before all giddy and excited (seriously felt like Christmas morning haha), I reached over to my husband and said, “We get to find out what we are having today!” To which he looked surprised and said, “it’s Sunday…” Ed says that that may have been the toughest news he’s ever had to deliver to me, judging by the huge sad face I displayed afterwords…

But Monday did come and I was just as excited! Ed, Emilie and I all went out for breakfast before the appointment and we had the best waitress ever. She absolutely loved Emilie and she gave us free cookies.

We arrived at the clinic and went back into the ultrasound room, which had a big flat screen tv mounted on the wall. This way we could have a bigger visual of the ultrasound, pretty fancy. The ultrasound tech was a nice lady, close to retirement, she had been doing this for 30 years. She asked if we wanted to know the gender, we said yes, and she then said ok, let’s start at the top and work our way down.

Leading up to this day Ed and I were sure we were having another girl. The tech was very thorough and after 20 minutes or so she finally got down to view the internal organs, she used words like, “her stomach, her bladder…” At that moment I looked over at Ed and he was already whispering to Emilie that she has a baby sister. I made eye contact with him and told him to hold on a sec. Right at the beginning when she first put the ultrasound on my tummy, it was a brief side profile of baby and by the bottom of it’s bum I thought I saw a little something… but then the tech moved to baby’s head and I was just left curious.

After measuring it’s stomach, bladder, spine, etc. it was time for the bum visual. I remember what  Emilie’s ultrasound looked like so I knew I’d be able to tell if it was a girl… but nope, it was a completely different visual! The nurse said, “It’s definitely a boy!” He wasn’t shy at all! I looked over at Ed, he was completely shocked! Of course we got a little misty eyed at each other and tried to take it in. It has actually taken a few weeks since then to really sink in! Ed then informed Emilie that she had a baby brother.

*Ok quick side story, when I was somewhere in the first trimester, Ed and I were reading books with Emilie before bed and naturally started talking about the baby, Emilie over hearing us out of nowhere says, “baby brother, baby brother” and repeats it here and there. Ed and I laughed about it. It did make us wonder though…

The tech printed out a lot of pictures, which I absolutely loved her for, scheduled us to come back in 5 weeks (we couldn’t get a good visual on lower spine) and then informed us that she had recorded 5 minutes of baby’s ultrasound that we could download it online! Technology! I love it! Now I can watch a video of my little boy squirming around any time I want. It has been so awesome to show older family members who never got to experience any ultrasounds in their day!

On the ride home I couldn’t wait to tell our immediate family so we made a few phone calls afterwards and tried to have Emilie say, “baby brother.” She cooperated for some of the calls. Then we got home and I pulled out the blue balloons from a bag of colored balloons I had on hand and attempted to take pictures of Emilie. Nearly impossible. But I managed to get a pretty funny squinty face of her, which in all reality was her just seconds before she blinked. I thought it came off pretty funny though that maybe she was a bit unsure about this whole new baby brother thing!

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