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DIY Orphan Annie Toddler Halloween Costume


I absolutely LOVE putting together halloween costumes!

I remember when I was in 8th grade I made a Fairy Godmother costume out of a blue bed sheet, it was pretty cute if I had to admit it. My gray wig was pretty snazzy too. Flash forward to now, I had a kid specifically so we could dress up at halloween. Kidding. But definitely a fun bonus of having kids!

Ever since Emilie was born I knew I wanted her to be Orphan Annie, partially because she started out as a redhead (now strawberry blonde) but also I wanted Ed to be Daddy Warbucks!

I debated on being Ms. Hannigan or Sandy the dog, but figured I’d save money and be Grace the secretary, just because I had everything on hand for her costume.



Enough about the adults though, let’s get to cute little Annie’s costume!

  • The trick is to find a little red dress (props, if you can make your own) and then tack on some white felt for for the collar, trim and sash. The dress we used was from Carter’s.
  • When I say “tack” I mean just use a needle and thread and do an extremely wide stitch. A stitch that you can take off afterwords and use the original dress for Christmas.
  • Let’s not forget about the wig though! My sister in law was so kind to crochet, yes crochet, this for us! I feel so blessed to have her in the family! But if you do not have access to such talent, you can find a red wig at halloween stores. Or maybe your little one has been graced with red hair, well then there is no need!
  • All that is left is a locket, white lace socks and black shoes! And some Annie soundtrack playing in the background if you can manage that. I was tempted.

Happy Halloween Everyone!







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