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Baby Shower Pink and Orange

I have so many pregnant friends right now! I thought it would be an ideal time to post the beautiful baby showers that were thrown for me for my first baby.

Pink and orange have always had a soft spot for me ever since I was a young teenager. I started a baby quilt (pictured below) way back then that was pink and orange and never got around to finishing it… Then lo and behold my sister in law finished it for me and threw me a pink and orange shower to go with it! Maybe deep down I always knew I’d have a baby girl first!

(Details below the pictures)

Crystal did such a beautiful job, here are some of the things that were at the shower:

  • pink cupcakes
  • homemade fudge
  • homemade cream puffs with chicken salad
  • orange and pink fruit cups
  • cheese puffs
  • pink frosted animal crackers
  • photo booth
  • diaper cake center pieces
  • star mobile
  • baby banner
  • write quotes on diapers (game)
  • baby bottle drinking (game)
  • mom/dad life questionnaire (game)

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