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Lipsense Review

I will never buy another brand of lipstick, ever! And no I am not a distributer and probably won’t be… so that means you can trust me right? Right.

I’ve actually had Lipsense for a week now, just so I can give it a full review and not just a first impression. Although my first impression was pretty great. I’ve been following #lipsense distributers on Instagram for a good month or so now. I really wanted to test it out before I bought it, but all of the distributers were out of reach…Then one day a local spa I follow, posted that they sold it and anyone was welcome to come test out the colors! I was out the door the next day! It was there that I tried several colors on my hand first and then my lips and tried rubbing it off, to which it passed the no smudge, no budge test!

I ended up getting the color Sheer Pink and the Matte Gloss (pictured above, natural light, no filter, hence my textured face haha…). Here are my thoughts after a week…

  • Application is easy, apply two color layers, allow color to dry between each coat. Gloss throughout the day. *If you do not reapply their gloss throughout the day, the color will fade/dry. This happened to me. 
  • Color selection is insanely huge, last I heard it was 70+
  • It’s claims are true, it is “waterproof, does not smear/rub/budge off, does not dry out your lips, color lasts from 4-18 hours.”
  • It is moisturizing! However, my lips were dry the first few days, which is the normal time it takes for lips to adjust to this product (I’ve read). Plus, I was sick so I was breathing extra hard and drying them out!
  • Comes off with face wash or soap. Takes some rubbing but not much. They also have a remover you can purchase, but I haven’t felt the need for it yet.
  • I can eat whatever, lick my lips, drink, wipe my mouth, kiss, and this lipstick will not move!
  • My husband is a fan of this product as well, he would never kiss me if I was wearing lipstick, but now he will!

The only downside is the price… $20 per color. That being said I obviously won’t be buying one every day or week, but I will more than likely save up and get a new color per season or something like that. Also, you can only apply coconut oil to your bare lips in between applications, this is to avoid random buildup from other products. I don’t have a problem with this, I love coconut oil!

#lipsense to browse through all their colors! I’m thinking a bright red or neutral for my next choice, such a hard decision!

Find a distributer here!

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