Must Have Essential Baby Product Roundup


1. Dock A Tot. This has got to be the most popular baby product out there and for good reason! The fabric is completely breathable and provides a cozy place for babies to rest and play. Parents are raving how this helps their little ones sleep so much better! It’s a great option for those wanting to co-sleep too.
DOCKATOT IG: @dockatot Web:

2. Binxy Baby. How cute is this little hammock? These hammocks go on your shopping cart and provide a safe place for your baby to chill while you shop. It can actually hold a car seat too. Plus it rolls up and can fit inside your diaper bag.
BINXY BABY IG: @shopbinxy Web:

3. The Ollie World. Swaddles are becoming more and more used because they help babies remember the snug womb feeling. The Ollie swaddle grows with your baby and offers either a full swaddle or arms out approach as they wean away from the swaddle. Babies have a harder time waking themselves up when swaddled!
THE OLLIE WORLD IG: @theollieworld Web:

4. Milestone Baby. These Milestone Baby cards are such a fun way to document your baby’s milestones. I’d recommend ordering/printing them out before baby comes, you never know how fast they’ll grow! They also have preemie milestones available! Check out their site for a few free downloads as well.
MILESTONE BABY IG: @milestonebaby Web:

5. Finn + Emma. This play gym is just one of their many wonderful products! Finn and Emma is an organic and eco safe line that offer play gyms, play mats, wooden teething toys, “buttery soft” baby clothes and blankets. Finn and Emma is where modern meets baby products!
FiNN + EMMA IG: @finnandemma Web:

*All pictures are from corresponding product websites.


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