DockAtot Review


The Review is in! The DockATot is awesome! I originally wanted a DockATot for our originally planned full term baby, but once I had a premature baby in the NICU I “really” wanted a DockATot. Reason being – While our baby was in the incubator the nurses rolled blankets and wrapped them around the baby creating a nest effect (do not do this at home! Babies in the NICU are hooked up to monitors so they are constantly under supervision if baby were to move. However DockATot is a safe option, just keep reading). Think about it, babies come from a tight and cozy atmosphere in the womb and it only makes sense to give them womb-like comforts to help them transition. Plus, a big and spacious crib can seem a little daunting to any baby or toddler.

Co-sleeping has always terrified me! The thought of unconscious movement while I sleep gives me the willies. There was no way I was ever going to sleep with my babies. Ever. But this time around we have a preemie. A preemie who had episodes of not breathing a week before leaving the NICU. You best believe that upon bringing him home, we were going to have a hand on him at all times to monitor his breathing! Enter the DockATot. I place it inbetween my husband and I on our bed and I have zero worries of smothering him. The DockATot walls prevent the baby from rolling out and parents from rolling in, it’s perfect. I can’t tell you enough how adorable it is to wake up and see my sleeping husbands hand resting on our precious baby’s tummy. Also, the DockATot is 100% cotton and 100% breathable, which also makes it able to regulate baby’s body temperature. Yet again, several worries gone!


It has been so nice to be able to move my sleeping baby around the house without having to take him out and wake him up. I can only imagine how nice it is going to be to take my this bed wherever we may travel as well. On a side note, an added bonus that I hadn’t expected is that it also serves as a nice bumper from our wild toddler!

At this early stage we are waking our little guy up every three hours to feed him, this is the preemie life. So I can’t say at this point if the DockATot helps him sleep through the night, because as a preemie who is struggling to get on the growth charts, we can’t venture those waters for awhile!


No worries if your baby is on the small size like ours, it will still be cozy for him and they grow fast anyways! The Deluxe DockATot holds babies 0-8 months and the Grand DockATot fits 9-36 months. In the future I feel like our baby boy will have a great transition to his big boy bed with one of these. Seriously DockATot, thanks for looking out for our kiddos (and their parents)!

As I wrap this up I feel like I should address the big question. Why the price?  My personal opinion is because of the quality of the overall product and its breathable material (the cover and the inserts). Another sell point for me is the fact that it is made in Europe and not China. It also is unlike any other co-sleeper because since it is made of breathable material it allows air to flow through and your baby will never get overheated. Plus it is machine washable (air dry). I also feel the need to express that this company does understand it’s price and offers monthly payment plans, which is pretty unheard of in the pricey world of baby products. That’s a pretty caring company if you ask me. Be sure to use my link listed below to get $10 off of your own DockATot! Thanks for reading friends!

Visit this link to find all the cute patterns of DockATot and learn more about them!


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*This is a sponsored post. All thoughts are honest and 100% my own.


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