Binxy Baby Shopping Cart Hammock


If you are looking at these pictures and wondering if that is a baby hammock you see suspended in a shopping cart, then you are totally right, it is a baby hammock! I personally believe that this is the best option out there for safely having your baby in the shopping cart. You can honest to goodness even put your carseat in this hammock and strap it in (see picture below!) because it is made to hold 50 lbs. So you can either leave baby sleeping in the carseat, or put baby on display in the hammock itself!

I actually really like having our baby in the hammock. For one thing, it does not take up cart space so you’ll never find yourself having to strategically pack groceries around your baby. Our baby also seemed extremely comfortable in this hammock, I especially like how it keeps him inclined. This hammock can hold him up to around 6 months or up until the time that he is sitting up on his own.

The hammock rolls up and can be stored conveniently in your diaper bag. There are two clamps on either end which fasten to the rails of the shopping cart. If you are placing your baby inside the hammock there is a harness and buckles to keep him safely secure. If you choose to place the carseat inside the hammock there is an additional strap that you buckle over the carseat to keep it stable. All in all it is a really fun and useful product to have and would make a great baby shower gift as well!

Product pattern featured – Triangles

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*This is a sponsored post. All thoughts are honest and are my own.

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