The Puj Tub Flyte


I have so much anxiety when I bathe a newborn! They are so tiny and fragile! That being said, I’m so excited to share the baby bath I got this time around that really helps me confidently bathe my baby. I’ll also note the fact that I have been blessed with a baby who likes bath time, that sure helps too!

It’s called the Puj Tub. There are two different models, the original Puj Tub which is bigger and a slightly smaller one called the Puj Tub Flyte. The one I have is the Flyte. The Flyte folds in half and is extremely travel friendly, which I really wanted. It fits in both my kitchen sink (it’s a shallow sink) and my small bathroom sink and it even fit in the hotel sink! I can’t tell you enough how nice it was to fold and put the tub in my suitcase, it doesn’t take much room at all. It’s coming with me to Grandma’s house for spring break too!


It has a hook on it so you can air dry it but it hardly even needs to air dry because once you pour the water out, it’s practically dry because the foam is water repellent because it’s non absorbent (which also makes it hesitant to mildew and mold). I hang it on a command hook in my shower but the company sells peel and stick hooks as well (Puj Nubs).

My little guy was able to sit comfortably in this tub at a small size of 6 lbs! Now at almost 10 lbs he’s able to fit even better and it cradles him quite nicely.

When looking at these tubs, check out their website and check which tub will best fit your sink dimensions. Because if you have a large farmhouse sink, odds are you’ll need the original Puj Tub.

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*This post is sponsored. All thoughts are honest and are 100% my own.


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