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grow it GIRL. Fast, Healthy Hair Growth


I have entered that lovely post pregnancy phase of losing my hair! I honestly do not even know how I still have hairs on my head because I am pulling fist fulls of hair out of the shower drain. I started looking for something healthy to promote hair growth.

What I found was better than I expected. It’s not a pill, it’s not a shampoo, it’s a simple spray. By “simple” I mean simple to use and simple no junk ingredients. And if you are an essential oil lover than you’ll love this spray too. The ingredients found on the bottle are as follows, “Distilled Water, Organic Aloe Vera Juice, Organic Rosemary Essential Oil (Wild Grown in Morocco), Organic Rose Geranium Essential Oil (Cultivated in South Africa.” This combination smells so heavenly and has a PH of 4.5-5. Both factors are very important to me #esthetician.


All you do is spray onto your damp hair (especially the roots) 2-3 times a week. What I’ve noticed, in the weeks that I have used it, is that my hair is way more shiny! I even like to spritz when my hair is dry just to give added moisture and shine. You may find this weird that I add this next part but the spray nozzle is fantastic, it’s the finest mist I have ever come across on a spray bottle. Yes, it matters to some of us.

As for hair growth I do think it is helping the speed of things. Since my hair is short I gauge growth by the amount of hair that is able to reach back into a pony tail. That being said, I have been pleasantly surprised. I do think that this spray has also helped prevent breakage, which is great news for those growing out their hair.

Now, while I like my short hair, I’ve been using this not only for postpartum hair loss reasons but also to grow out my hair a little bit for an upcoming haircut next month! So stay tuned, I’m super excited!

You can purchase “grow it GIRL” at their website

Follow them on Instagram too! @iheart_mimi



*This is a sponsored post. These are my own honest thoughts and opinions.

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