Finn + Emma Play Gym


Trust me, you are never going to find a more beautiful toy than this little Finn + Emma‘s play gym! It’s earthy tones go perfectly in our living room. Lewis loves the colors, textures and sounds too. The other day his little flailing hands actually grabbed hold of the little raccoons foot for five seconds! I think it surprised him more than it did us! I love seeing him grow and get more interactive with this play gym. At the age he is now (he’s 4 months, but more like a 2.5 month old because he was born premature), he is perfectly content lying under this gym while his little uncontrollable fists and feet punch the toys back and forth. It’s pretty dang cute.


The design of this play gym is so thought through, it is space saving, minimalist, organic, eco-safe, has adjustable height and the toys unclip from the gym. The wooden toys will be awesome teethers one day since they are untreated hardwood and are sealed with vegetable wax. The little animals are made from organic cotton and wool. They also jingle when you shake them!

I have to add that our two and a half year old loves this play gym as well. She’s either swinging them back and forth for her baby brother or taking the toys off and playing with them around the house. I have to put them back on at least three times a day!


They have several different play gyms on their site right now with options of white, light and dark wood frames. There are also several different toy themes like jungle, sailor, fairy tail and feathers.

Find the Play Gym’s on their website here…

For all Finn + Emma’s other products visit…

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*This is a sponsored post. All words and thoughts are honest and are my own.

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