Maskcara HAC Pack 

*All photos are untouched with no filters. Taken in natural daylight. Product was purchased with my own money. Review is for your pleasure.

I debated calling this a first impression blog post but I can tell you for a fact, the love I have for it now will be the same love (if not more) that I will have for it in weeks to come.

I have been following Cara, ( the creator of Mascara, for years. She is the inventor of the term HAC, which stands for Highlighting and Contouring. My old makeup routine had various brands of different products that helped me to achieve this HAC look. Bronzers, blushes, foundations, concealers,  highlighters, etc. A disorganized mess in other words.

Then one day Cara announced that she created her own line of HAC products and a magnetic compact case that could contain all of those HACing products, thus providing a fast and simple routine! Cue heavenly chorus…

The truth is, this whole compact costs way less than all of my other products combined!

My old routine used to be layer upon layer of makeup and I was really dreading the feeling lately, so was my skin. Finally, when my “expensive” foundation ran out, I messaged my friend Lindsay, sent her a picture of my bare face and she color matched me! Next thing I knew the order was placed and the prettiest little packages were at my finger tips!

Each of the HAC single colors are cream. I was new to cream blush and bronzer but I am converted to it now! It spreads and blends so beautifully! The contour is never orange and creates a shadowing effect to really chisel your facial features. The blush doubles as a lip color too, which is genius! The foundation color, termed highlight, covers my scars, redness and under eye circles. And the illuminator makes your face just glow! Just for the record, I timed my makeup routine and it’s 5 minutes. 5 MINUTES! Maybe I’ll do a video one day…

I highly recommend the ’30 Second HAC Brush’ as well, it’s double ended and useable for all the single colors in the HAC pack.

I can’t leave out my amazing artist friend Lindsay @hacwithlindsay! I have not met Lindsay in real life but guys, she is my new bestie! For reals though, she is so knowledgeable, beautiful and funny! I had to tell her the other day that I seriously watch all her Insta stories every time I sit and feed my baby! She answered every single one of my questions and made me so excited to try out this product. She also shares her other favorite products too, which I appreciate so much! Check out her latest pore strip find, I’m blown away! (Shop through Lindsay here )

Anyways, I could go on and on but here are my personalized product colors below. (If you order the 4 colors, then the cute magnetic compact case comes free! I chose the Sea Glass case).

Highlight: White Peach

Blush: Pink Grapefruit

Contour: Ash

Illuminator: Honey

(Also pictured is Setting Powder: Vanilla Dust)

3 thoughts on “Maskcara HAC Pack 

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