Borika Mocha + Cinnamon Natural Body Scrub



I am not exagerating when I say I have been searching my whole life for a body scrub that can fit every one of my requirements.

It has to have natural ingredients.

It needs to be for both oily skin and dry skin (for my combination skin type).

It absolutely has to help with stretch marks AND cellulite.

It has to leave my skin hydrated, not dried out from over exfoliation.

It’s quite a complicated list! Previously I would find one scrub for one thing at a time, but today I am beyond excited to share that I have found the one scrub that does ALL things.

Borika Body Scrubs!

Ingredients: Coffee, Cacoa, Cinnamon, Jojoba Oil and Epson Salt

I seriously research products thouroughly and wanted to put this product to the test particularly because it contained coffee. Although I do not personally consume coffee I will use it on my skin and actually have used it on my skin before! The caffeine in coffee and chocolate wakes up the body’s cells and their texture offers exfoliatiationg. Epson salt is also great at exfoliating as well as detoxifying. Coffee and cocoa also serve as awesome anti inflamitories for the skin. Cinnamon stimulates circulation, which is great for cell turnover. Jojoba oil leaves your skin feeling hydrated and silky soft, it helps with acne and oily skin too. 

For the coffee lover I know for a fact that you will love the chocolatey, cinnamony, coffee scent!


Coffee+Coconut Scrub – Normal to Dry Skin

Mandarin+Cacao Scrub – Sensitive Skin

Mocha+Cinnamon Scrub – Oily Skin








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