Lalabu Soothe Shirts – Simple Babywearing

Lalabupic (2)

My baby has finally outgrown the Lalabu Soothe Shirt (Insert sad face here). I practically lived in this shirt once we were able to bring Lewis home from the NICU. As anyone with a preemie knows, we were on lockdown for the first few months of him being home. Especially because he came home late January, which happened to be during the worst winter our city has seen in 20 years! Plus the threat of RSV was extremely high. So home we stayed.

As you will see in the pictures below, I have no fancy photoshoot of the Lalabu Soothe shirt. The time didn’t really allow for it, nor was it a high priority at the time either. So the pictures you see are just real, raw, life. Bedhead, breakouts, pajamas and morning breath.



Every day in the NICU I looked forward to the time that I would get to hold my baby against my chest. I yearned for the day when I could keep him close all the time. That is when I started searching and came in contact with Lalabu.

Their shirts are the easiest form of baby-wearing out there. I knew that bringing home a baby with a toddler running around was not going to be an easy task. I needed the quickest baby wrap out there! Come to find out the quickest baby wrap out there is not really a wrap, it is a shirt!

The Woman’s soothe shirt is a v-neck tank top, with mesh layer between you and your baby so he can feel your skin and warmth. The v-neck also allows for easy access to breastfeed.

I seriously found this shirt so convenient and perfect for bonding that I ordered my husband the Dad Soothe shirt! The Dad soothe shirt uses the same material except that it is a v-neck T-shirt. It is such a beautiful way for these little babies to bond with their parents. And Dad can also get to know what it feels like to carry around a baby on his tummy! (Now if only he could carry Lewis around for 9 months, hehe).

Placing Lewis in either shirt took less than 5 seconds. We’d simply hold him up below the shoulder with one hand, while the other hand opened the pouch and then slide him down inside. His little body would assume the cozy fetal position and he would fall asleep in minutes, every time!

I just want to say thank you Lalabu for making those first few months even more special. I absolutely loved the ease and comfort of your shirt!


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*Woman’s Soothe Shirt was sponsored. But I loved it so much that I bought my husband one as well! All thoughts in this post are honest and are my own.


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