Covered Goods, the Original Four-in-One Nursing Cover

How adorable is this mismatched Covered Goods Nursing Cover!? Once I saw this print, I knew that I needed it in my life. Little did I realize that I would use this cover for EVERYTHING!

The first four uses are Nursing Cover (full coverage, which I love), Carseat Cover, Infinity Scarf, and Cart Cover. And while it serves all of these capacities perfectly, I have actually found even more uses for it! I have been using it to cover every baby seat around, wether it be a restaurant high chair or a Bumbo seat! My baby loves the feeling of this soft stretchy cover and as a newborn he was so entranced by the black and white patterns (newborns see black and white best).

But the one thing I had been on the search for was a pumping cover. One that would be able to wrap around my whole body, providing full coverage but still have the ability to do a quick check and see if everything is in its place. This cover does just that!

I also have to add that it makes for a cute accessory for me too. In summer I leave it around my neck like a loose infinity scarf, but in the cooler months I can actually double it up to fit like a cozy cowl scarf.

Check out all of the cute print options at This is the first company that created a nursing cover like this, so you can trust that it is a great product!

Here is where you can find the exact print I have, it’s called Oxford Mismatched

Follow Covered Goods on Instagram: @coveredgoods

*This is a sponsored post. However I love this nursing cover! All thoughts are honest and are my own. Thanks for reading friends!

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