SnoofyBee, Clean Hands Changing Pad


I remember when my oldest child was a baby there was a starter company featured all over my Facebook that claimed to have invented a changing pad that could keep your baby’s hands from reaching down under during diaper changes. It looked awesome! The changing mat folded out and had “wing’s” that wrapped around the baby’s belly creating a cone which contained those flailing little arms and hands.

Flash forward to now, this company has released this genius changing pad, SnoofyBee, to the public and just in time for my baby boy! They were also recently featured on Shark Tank (Nov. 5th), cool huh?

This pad came at the perfect time because Lewis is at the stage where upon diaper removal, his hands immediately want to help with the whole changing process. It was seriously becoming a problem. But put him in the SnoofyBee and his busy hands can’t reach anywhere south! It is so nice! There are even rings inside to attach some toys, which makes him even more willing to stay put for a minute!

All in all, this is one of my favorite baby products! It’s “portable, adjustable, durable and cleanable.” (See product label pictured below)

To find out more about SnoofyBee visit their website, and their Instagram  @snoofybee_







***This is a sponsored post, all thoughts are my own. I truly and honestly do love this product! Thanks for reading!

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