My Clothing Secret… Fearless Tape – Double Sided Tape for Fashion and Body

It’s so important for me to be comfortable in clothing, whether it’s making sure my straps are not showing, my v-neck isn’t too low and a handful of other things. If it’s just not working I usually have to get rid of it, despite how cute it was advertised on the beautiful Instagram model!

I can’t believe all that I was missing was some good fashion tape. (Slap to forehead, for getting rid of those cute clothes that one time).

For a few months now I have been using this tape and I have been loving it! It’s not your normal double stick store-bought tape… it’s 100 times stronger! I am seriously impressed that it sticks to skin and clothing so well.

It’s like I’ve gotten a whole new wardrobe because I can fix/tape those particularly problematic articles of clothing… You know those ones I’m talking about – dresses that have too low of a v-neck, shirts that show straps, rolled sleeves that won’t stay rolled up, pants that are too long, blouses that open up between the buttons, etc. etc.

There are 50 strips in one envelope. But you can even cut them down to make them last longer. Even to this day, I am still finding new uses for these, let me know what you use yours for!

You can find them on Amazon…

Or on their site…

*This is a sponsored post. However, the words above are my own and I really do frequently use and love these strips!

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