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Hello, I’m Brit!

Side note* Whenever I introduce myself it usually comes with the explanation that my name is not short for anything, it really is just “Brit.” Hence the name of the site.

I am a jack of all trades, master of none! I am a Wife, a Mom, a Blogger and a Medical Esthetician. I love writing with others in mind. I created justbrit.com to share a little bit of everything that has helped me along the way, hoping to help and inspire others. My favorite topics to blog about are fitness/health, beauty/skincare, motherhood/babies! I have also written as a guest blogger for Huffingtonpost.com Parents, Philadelphia based Maternity website, PhillyBabyBump.com and LittleFamilyAdventure.com. I believe that if only one person benefits from my writing, than I have succeeded.

Thanks for stopping by!

Instagram: @justbritjessop
Facebook: JustBrit.com
Twitter: Just Brit Blog

Email: britjessop@gmail.com


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